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On December 2, 1982 the first district operated bus pulled out of the downtown Citrus Connection depot. Today’s fleet cover more than 7500 miles daily can thank the foresight of our wise city leaders of the time. Some believed that public transportation was a vital step for a growing city struggling to enrich the lives of its citizens. Others said firmly that helping people help themselves was part of being a great city. Many understood that a strong public transportation system would enrich the lives of every Lakelander, whether they used the service or not. They were all right.

Today the Citrus Connection picks up and delivers more than 6,000 people to work, play and school and other destinations every day. They provide specialized transportation for citizens who are unable to use regular service.

Whether you ride, or have employees who ride; whether you had an opportunity to vote for annexation or already lived within the district; whether you pause in traffic for a boarding passengers or wait while a bike is loaded, you help support a viable transportation system for our city—and that’s important. In fact, Florida Trends calls it one of the most important incentives a city can offer new business. So give yourself a pat on the back for helping make Lakeland greater than ever. And someday soon, why not climb aboard? You can bet we’re going your way!

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My Ride is the transit solution for every municipality in Polk County. The plan was devised by the people who will use it and it will expand service well past the current limitations. To learn more about My Ride, click on the My Ride logo on the home page.

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