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Polk Transit has something to offer everyone in our area, whether you ride or not. The fact is that an affordable, working mass transportation system is important to local commerce, life and progress. It gets people to work, it makes our streets cleaner and safer, it saves valuable resources—and all of that adds up to a boost in our area’s quality of life.

So whether you’re riding the city bus, using PT Connect, our paratransit service, or just realizing the value of public transit to your community, Polk Transit is part of your life.

Service is currently provided six (6) days a week. Bus routes will take you all around Lakeland, to Winter Haven, Bartow, Auburndale, Haines City, etc. By clicking the Citrus Connection and Winter Haven Area Transit (WHAT) tabs you will find PDF’s of each route providing specific locations and time points. You can print what you need before you leave the house or you can use our QR code with your smart phone to go to FindMyRoutes.com and look up the closest bus stop to your location.

  Citrus Connection Routes
  W.H.A.T. and PCTS Routes
  2015 Proposed Service Reductions

Clean Air Counts
A thousand new people come to Florida each day. How long can we keep the air clean? Cars are one of the top sources of pollution. One Polk Transit bus full of riders cuts air pollution by six cars.
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