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Lakeland’s public transit system, Citrus Connection, has chosen to honor veterans this year in a unique way. A 40’ bus was introduced to the community during the Lakeland Veteran’s Parade on Saturday, November 6th.


The bus depicts scenes from various military theaters along with a local veteran, Virgil Myers today and during his active military service. The parade was a draw at the parade because of its design. “We couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you and honor our local veterans than to share their service with people in the Lakeland area on Veteran’s Day and for many days thereafter” said Danny Ours, Executive Director. “We hope it serves as a reminder of the sacrifice and selflessness of these amazing people. They well deserve it”.

Citrus Connection has been providing public transit service to the Lakeland area for over 28 years and provides slightly fewer than two million rides annually.

Contact Information: Cathy Wolosin, cwolosin@ridecitrus.com, 863-327-1315

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