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Bus Route Change, Bartow Express, 22 X Free Rides And Increased Park & Ride Options

Effective MAY 26, 2009, the Bartow Express will no longer provide service to the Town Center (old Sears Town). It will provide service throughout the day to and from the Park & Ride lot located at Rose Street and Main Street on each trip.


This will allow people wanting to go to Bartow for jury duty, general court house business, property tax office, etc. to leave their car in a shaded area for a few hours, avoid the parking hassles in Bartow and to encourage workers to Park & Ride to work. The Route 10, Shuttle, and Route 11, East Main/Combee will continue to serve the Town Center. The date of May 26th will kick off four (4) days of FREE RIDES on the Bartow Express, 22XL and 22XW (Winter Haven to Bartow). The FREE RIDE DAYS are to promote Polk County Government Commuter Services Day. The hope is that the free ride opportunity will encourage County workers to Park & Ride public transit. But all riders will benefit from the County effort. All rides beginning Tuesday, May 26th thru Friday, May 29th will be free on the 22XL and 22XW. All other routes will have standard fares in place. Riders with questions about the change should call 688-RIDE (7433).

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