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In order to provide an enjoyable trip for all riders and to help us keep to our set schedules, please

  • Use a fare pass or have exact change for the trip. Operators are not able to provide change.
  • Wait until you leave the bus to eat, drink or smoke.
  • Remain in your seat until the bus stops then please exit quickly and carefully.
  • Hold small children securely in their seat.
  • Radios with earphones and cell phones on vibrate ONLY are permitted so other riders are not disturbed.
  • When the bus nears your stop, please pull the cord or press the strip near the window about a block before the stop.
  • Consider others by not using foul language or talking loudly.
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Clean Air Counts
A thousand new people come to Florida each day. How long can we keep the air clean? Cars are one of the top sources of pollution. One Polk Transit bus full of riders cuts air pollution by six cars.
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