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The Community Score Card provides detailed information about the ridership on each bus route. Ever wonder which routes carry the most riders and what times of the day are slow or busy? If yes, weve got answers for you.

The summary charts provide an overview of all activity, or you can download the complete PDF reports at the bottom of this page.


2014 First Quarter

2014 Second Quarter

2014 Third Quarter

2014 Comparisons


2013 First Quarter

2013 Second Quarter

2013 Third Quarter

2013 Fourth Quarter


2012 First Quarter

2012 Second Quarter

2012 Mid-Year

2012 Third Quarter

2012 Fourth Quarter

2012 Comparisons

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My Ride
My Ride is the transit solution for every municipality in Polk County. The plan was devised by the people who will use it and it will expand service well past the current limitations. To learn more about My Ride, click on the My Ride logo on the home page.

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