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Registering to become a Vendor with LAMTD


IMPORTANT: Vendors registering their firm with LAMTD for the first time, please click here. If you are not DBE/WMBE, or MBE, etc. certified, please type"none" in response to the question pertaining to that item. We will send you notification of business opportunities with LAMTD based on the description you provide of your firm’s products and services. If you wish to edit your profile information, please contact with the details.


Optional Onvia/DemandStarService:

Additionally, you may visit to register to receive additional business opportunity notifications through Onvia DemandStar. Onvia will perform account setup within one day. If you need assistance regarding Onvia DemandStar, please, call Onvia Supplier Services number listed below.

Onvia now offers an Onvia DemandStar Free Agency subscription to LAMTD vendors. By subscribing to the Free Agency subscription, you will automatically be notified by e-mail or fax whenever LAMTD solicitations are issued that match your business’ Commodity Code profile. Vendors already subscribing to Onvia DemandStar can select the Free Agency subscription that includes LAMTD may replace the existing agency affiliation of their current subscription.

In addition to the fax or email notification service, the LAMTD “Free Agency subscription” provides vendors with free unlimited download capability of the electronic version of LAMTD solicitations. However, if you are interested in getting a hard copy, the free subscription does not cover the reproduction or delivery cost for copies of solicitations including blueprints, drawings, or specifications. Hard copies can be obtained by placing an order through the Onvia DemandStar system.

Suppliers that desire to be placed on the vendor list of LAMTD, please, visit the Onvia DemandStar Registration Web page at Once you are logged onto the page, select the “Onvia DemandStar FREE AGENCY” option. On the form that opens, enter the pertinent information for your business, be sure to enter “Lakeland Area Mass Transit District” in the Agency Name field.

Call Onvia Supplier Services at 1-800-711-1712, or send an email to, to obtain information, or technical assistance, pertaining to the LAMTD Free Agency subscription. If you experience any difficulty, while dealing with Onvia Supplier Services, please call the LAMTD Procurement Department at (407) 254-6226. We suggest that you have the name of the Onvia representative to whom you spoke, and provide the information that was given to you by that representative.

New Vendor Registration Form:

Prospective vendors are required to complete a Vendor Registration form in its entirety.
Failure to comply with this request may result in your inability to receive notifications. It is the vendor’s responsibility to keep information current, complete and accurate, by submitting any modifications to the District.

Thank you,
Lisa Harris
Contracts/Grants Specialist

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